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G. P. Smith


X-Books are Available Now

Barking Up The Wrong Tree Enterprises is pleased to present a homespun collection of Seldom Seen Smith's self-published short stories. This deluxe, full color, coffee table edition contains over three hundred action-packed pages, including historic photographs and related memorabilia.   

Anonymous Praise for the Author

"A rootless wanderer with a god-given talent for  never letting the facts ruin a good story, Smith's timely tome offers further fragmentary proof  there is always a slim chance that someone will emerge from the debris-strewn vale of certain doom."

Tantalizing Tidbits for Inquisitive Minds

Inflammatory Introduction

A member of the "Fraternal Order of the Flaming Sword", Reverend Dwight D. Stoggstill is pastor of the Badwater Baptist Church and Biblical Emporium located approximately 280 ft.  below sea level in beautiful Death Valley, California.  

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Author's Rebuttal

The origin of this particular "Seldom Seen Smith" is explained in straight-forward, unvarnished King's English.  No attempt has been made by the author to alter, omit, or otherwise glorify the grim facts which are now an official public record. 

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Selected Stories

To be forewarned is to be forearmed: English Majors and wouldbe Literary Critics should scroll further down at their own risk.  All others are encouraged to ignore any obvious spelling or grammatical errors and just go with the flow....   

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Forty Dollar Float Trip to Hell

Inspired by actual events, this novel concept is loosely based on a high-water run down the East Fork of the Carson River in 2008 that none of the survivors, including the author, will ever forget. Bless our little pea-picking hearts.

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Classified Ad: Go-Go Dancer/Cook

Hopeful males seek female to accompany them down the remote, lower canyons of the Rio Grande. Disco experience and the ability to speak the local lingo can be substituted for a Green Card. A sense of humor is also desirable. 

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River Guide & Survival Handbook

This document provides written proof that DOWNRIVER EXCURSIONS existed during the Twentieth Century.  Wells Fargo Bank records  also confirm that  I was once the self-appointed CEO and ramrod of this non-profit outfit. 

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Snowshoe Thompson Testimonial

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Trouble at the Wheel (pdf)


Trophy Trout & Beauty Queens (pdf)